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Cost Effective cloud virtual servers ,Get the power of a Windows dedicated server with completely Isolated Cloud VPS

Windows Server 2016 Licensed |  High Performance | SSD Drives | Plesk Onyx Free

Windows Cloud VPS

Windows Cloud VPS works with SSD and the latest hardware generation from DELL.  We have designed our Windows Cloud VPS packages in such a way that the professionals and small scale companies offering services like Windows Shared Hosting , Web Development , Freelancers , Individuals performing Forex Trading  as well as SEO Professionals will be benefited. Our Windows Cloud VPS are perfect alternative solution for Windows Dedicated Servers , which are actually way expensive than our Cloud Windows VPS. Our Windows Cloud VPS are located at Germany data center in a TIER +3 data center. We offer latest Windows Server 2016 Licensed version as an operating system as well as Plesk Onyx control panel to make the server administration easy without any cost.


Maximum Power For Your Apps

Our Windows cloud vps hosting servers work with SSD hard drives and the latest hardware generation from DELL PowerEdge. This ensures maximum performance for all applications , websites as well as E-commerece portals.

Instant Delivery

Our Unique CloudPit Control Panel is makes it easy to administrate your cloud VPS, a simple and easy to use interface. Manage and configure each project according to your individual requirements.

24x7 Splendor Support

24x7 Splendor support team offers personalized support and as a single point of contact to assist for all your account as well as server related queries. Suggesting your the best configuration for your requirements.

Secured Data & Hosting

With our high-performance data center in Germany, we guarantee compliance with German data protection laws. We understand the importance of data.Your business-critical data is in safe hands.

Transparent Billing & Usages

Keep an eye on your resource utilization through our cloud panel. With our flexible Cloud Server plans, you always have the exact server and hardware capabilities you need for your application.

Licensed Windows Server 2016

Support for Windows Server 2016: WS2016 supports Docker and provides new capabilities for automated application deployment with PowerShell 5.0. Experience the power of Windows Server 2016 on our Cloud Platform.

Windows Cloud VPS Hosting

Perfect Hosting Solution For Metatraders , SEO Professionals and much more !!


Windows Cloud VPS


Windows Server 2016

  • 4 CPU vCore
  • 6 GB RAM
  • 500 GB SSD
  • 100 Mbps
  • 1 IP Address
  • Plesk License Incl.
  • Germany


Windows Cloud VPS


Windows Server 2016

  • 6 CPU vCore
  • 14 GB RAM
  • 650 GB SSD
  • 100 Mbps
  • 1 IP Address
  • Plesk License Incl.
  • Germany


Windows Cloud VPS


Windows Server 2016

  • 8 CPU vCore
  • 20 GB RAM
  • 850 GB SSD
  • 100 Mbps
  • 1 IP Address
  • Plesk License Incl.
  • Germany


Windows Cloud VPS


Windows Server 2016

  • 16 CPU vCore
  • 36 GB RAM
  • 1200 GB SSD
  • 100 Mbps
  • 1 IP Address
  • Plesk License Incl.
  • Germany

Data Center & Network

Our state-of-the-art data centers use the latest technology to guarantee powerful performance and availability. The Data Center has multiple levels of redundancy to ensure consistently high performance, including redundant components and multiple active paths for cooling and power distribution. Our servers are located in our own data center in Düsseldorf, Germany. Data protection and data security always come first! Fully compliant with the latest security policies and audit guidelines, we take a meticulous approach ensuring that your private data stays private, and is protected at all times.

High Customer Satisfaction

We put the success and satisfaction of our customers at the center of our work! We believe a happy customer is a key of any successful business and we take it on high priority.With our windows cloud VPS you only pay for what you really need for your server infrastructure. Select the hardware resources that meet your needs. Forget about expensive server investments!Enjoy advantages such as automation options, saving infrastructure costs in your operation and our guaranteed availability of 99.9%. We offer full RDP access to all our Cloud VPS as well as support for installing Windows based applications and tools.

The Features Your Business Needs

SSD Disks


Genuine Hardware

Fastest Processors

rDNS Ready Servers

Lightening Fast

24x7 Technical Support

Personal Guidance 

Highest Availability & Quality

A precautionary, redundant IT infrastructure keeps your information-technical work processes always in flux. HostSane uses a data center with redundant and uninterruptible power supply lines (UPS), air conditioning systems and Internet carriers providing High availability.

License Cost Included

We offer all the Microsoft licenses you need for your cloud project. You get a licensed version of Windows Server 2016 operating system as well as if required we will get the Licensed Plesk Onyx control panel installed for you boosting the power of your Windows Cloud VPS.

Lower Infrastructure Costs

Our Cloud Hosting reduces your infrastructure and operating costs to a minimum. You hardly need any more local servers or no more. Our Windows Cloud VPS packages are carefully chosen configurations by our Cloud Solution experts which will suite your hosting requirements.

Operating Systems & Control Panels

Our 24x7 splendor support all the leading operating systems as CentOs , RedHat Linux , Ubuntu , Windows Server. We support all the leading control panels such as Cpanel , Plesk , Direct Admin and virtualization platforms like Solusvm , Virtualizor. Be it a File hosting service or any offshore hosting service , we will get the server hardened , secured and configured for you as per the requirements.

Migration Assistance

Want to migrate the data to us ? No problem at all , We will take care of migrating all the data from your old server to our powerful server at no cost. Be it a VPS node, a file hosting server, a Storage server or a media or streaming server, 24x7 splendor support team is ready to migrate all your stuff that too with minimum down time and at no cost with our proven migration methodology.